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SCM (Software Configuration Management, also called Source Code/Control Management or, succinctly, version control) is an integral part of any healthy project. If your Maven project uses an SCM system (it does, doesn’t it?) then here is where you would place that information into the POM.

connection, developerConnection: The two connection elements convey to how one is to connect to the version control system through Maven. Where connection requires read access for Maven to be able to find the source code (for example, an update), developerConnection requires a connection that will give write access. The Maven project has spawned another project named Maven SCM, which creates a common API for any SCMs that wish to implement it. The most popular are CVS and Subversion, however, there is a growing list of other supported SCMs. All SCM connections are made through a common URL structure.

Where provider is the type of SCM system. For example, connecting to a CVS repository may look like this:

tag: Specifies the tag that this project lives under. HEAD (meaning, the SCM root) should be the default.

url: A publicly browsable repository. For example, via ViewCVS.

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